Everyday adventures on a small Greek island

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No one else’s behavior makes any sense, according to the very first sentence in Barbara Bonfigli’s, Cafe Tempest – a book with “adventures on a small Greek island”, a “fictional memoir”.

But, how can ourselves make some sense, even to us only, if everybody else is beyond understanding? Or: are we that different, each of us a completely different and strange species!, unable to know anything whatever about the others just by knowing our own behavior? Barbara goes on immediately to confess that she has given up all her struggle for meaning. This ‘disappointment’ came after her thinking on a scout pledge, to love “especially those at home”, – a sappy and rambling ending, as she calls it.

The book is full of similar touches upon thoughts, without elaboration, without even some hints to their understanding, thoughts one can explore or not toward whatever interpretation according to one’s own nature. Nothing becomes a “big matter”, everything is seen from a detouched point of view.

In Barbara’s book Greece is almost a background and environment (the cafe) to a mild intellectual tempest, – a land that contributes with mildness in a series of questions and remarks of a person’s ‘pursuing’ a better understanding of oneself, in reality traveling not so much to Greece but between yoga and writing. Of course, the ‘background’ is not indifferent, it exists because the author enjoys it, sharing this joy, and it is mainly the everyday life, itself a product of a long time.., a no less-Greek product than literature or the arts.

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  1. Nikki Leigh says:

    I love the scenery and content on your blog. Thank you so much for hosting Barbara and Cafe Tempest.

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