In love with Santorini

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The boat took us to the volcano, which is technically still active, but there hasn’t been an eruption for a long long time – the guide did tell us but I can’t remember. Santorini used to be a round island, and when the volcano erupted, basically all hell broke loose and much of the island sank into the sea. The caldera where everyone goes to take pics of the famous sunset is actually the old edge of the volcano, but now is a series of viewing areas, and in Fira, amongst many restaurants.

Apparently all Greeks know that there will be another big eruption some day and it will probably be the end of the island. Also, when it last erupted, the sun couldn’t be seen for six months! I also learned today, as we were driving around the mountains, there are eucalyptus trees the Australian Government gifted to Santorini some time in the past. And that’s because, as I also learned today, Santorini is a waterless island. There is no fresh water whatsoever, and so a plant is in operation to provide the towns with water. We also passed many wineries where the vines grow along the ground, not raised off the ground. This is apparently to protect them from the very strong winds that start in October. It’s already very windy, so it must get pretty harsh. Apparently that’s when all the shops close up and the tourist season ends.

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