You just don’t get that kind of hospitality in other places

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The hotel does a weekly Greek night which is fantastic, the food was amazing and they play Greek music and have dancers. As expected they loved getting the guests up to join in with the dances. I am usually rather nimble but on a full stomach and in havianas I looked like a spazzy penguin. Of course they zoned in that I was on my own straight away. Just before the interval they picked prey for the ‘surprise’ dance event. Awesome, try as I may I could not wrestle my arm from Spiros and I was escorted off the basement changing room.

On Sunday I decided it was time to chill so lay by the pool and recovered from a hangover. I had a beautiful view of the mountains and by the end of the day felt fully refreshed and ready to face to world again. On Monday, I packed all my worldly possessions into a suitcase and headed off the the port to catch a ferry to the mainland. This also heralded a thankful farewell to the Matiz which I dumped and gave a ‘so long’ kick to at the airport. I am not sure what it is about me and cars but any arrangement requiring me to locate and aquire a car seems to be fraught with difficulty. Arriving at the port of Igoumensia I looked down the main road.

Furnished with 2 redbull I headed off for a long drive through the hills on a predominantly straight road, thank God. I arrived in Lefkada a bit buzzy and with no idea how to get to my hotel. I was however happy to hang around in town for a while because it is stunning. Real oldy worldy with a little harbour full of nice yachts and tiny Greek ladies hunched over walking canes shuffling along the street, all dressed in black with headscarfs. I also saw one of my favourite things- someone on a scooter zipping along and saying ciao! I knew this would be a good place. I rung the hotel to ask for directions and the hotel owner actually drove down to get me and show me the way. You just don’t get that kind of hospitality in other places. And my god it is completely stunning, I am not really a view kinda girl usually but it is pretty exceptional up here.

The hotel is a small family run business, set in olive groves with a view over the town and ‘fishing pond’. This is actually created by the remains of the old venetian fort that used to guard the entrance to the mainland. There is only one road in and out of Lefkada, and the bridge is actually a long boat that swivels round to let yachts out. When I was driving in home yesterday a leather clad biker was waiting to cross the bridge in front of me. You have to go super slow because they have a grille that protrudes from the surface so your teeth chatter when you drive over it.

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