Beautiful days in Greece – Nafplio, Aegina, Tiryns, Mycenae, Epidauros

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Nafplion is so much cleaner and prettier than Athens and the restaurants don’t hound you. I love it! They even have a “Popeyes” restaurant (not the same as the one in Louisiana) but still has American-type food. We basically spent an entire day touring the Island of Aegina, another day visiting Tiryns and Mycenae, and then our final day visiting the Theater of Epidauros. We went to even more beautiful beaches where I’m pretty sure I met my lover and soul mate.

Last night, we went out to the cutest taverna called “Anestri” where they make their own wine. We ate the most delicious lamb and danced to something in between Greek and American music. All of the kids had their heads pressed against the windows looking at us like we were the weirdest things they’d ever seen. Our leaders have been so great about making sure that we experience every ounce of Greece. They make sure that we hit all of the sites and learn as much as possible but they also take us to lunch at the restaurant with the best fish, the island with the best pistachios and even cliff jumping at the Heraion at Perachora.

Just as we finished class at the sanctuary to Hera, we all got to go cliff jumping on probably the most beautiful day in Greece so far. Except for a few fishermen, we had the entire area to ourselves for hours. Every single person on our group (even Steve) jumped off the cliffs—apparently the first group to do that since Steve’s been doing Euro Studs. We only have three more days in Greece (Bassai, Olympia and Delphi). So weird to think that I’ll be back in the States!

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