Amazing days in Greece

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It was amazing. After overcoming the initial shock of just how many passengers were on the ship (around 2 thousand or so) and just how pushy and rude the Italians can be, we settled into our cabin and began a daily routine for the first time in 4 weeks.

Every day consisted of a new beautiful port to explore, a gym visit, and an internal debate with ourselves to try not to eat too much! The food was great there was just so much of it, we couldn’t believe what some people were loading up on each day! The ship was quite large and at times we did not even know we were on one.

We visited Olympia, Santorini, Mykonos, Pireus (Athens) and Corfu in Greece. We visited some local farms, tasted homemade produce, wines, cheese, liquors (sometimes at 10am in the morning!) and took part in some traditional dancing.

The cruise offered excellent entertainment and every night before dinner we headed to the theatre to see a production, which were very good. In Santorini we visited Oia Village (home of the blue domed Orthodox churches that everyone knows from pictures) and had a donkey ride down a very steep mountain to get back to the ship. We found out after deciding to do it that going UP the mountain is a much safer ride!

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