A new film is being shot in Greece with famous international cast

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A new film is being shot on location in Greece and Russia with a famous international cast, including John Cleese, Catherine Deneuve and Sebastian Koch. Based on true events, Koch stars as Ioannis Varvakis who became a fabulously wealthy caviar exporter in Russia and then returned to Greece to give away his entire fortune to aid the 1821 revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

Varvakis’s life story has some interesting messages about patriotism, philanthropy and spiritual fulfillment just as Greece is now suffering through an economic crisis.

‘This story is quite a simple story, really like a fairytale its easy to follow but it hits the nerve, there are simple rules in life you shouldn’t go over, and if you do you fail, and for Varvakis to realize that – to escape in business, in work, and getting richer and richer is not a solution – this is quite something we can learn – our world – our European – you know this whole thing is about that, Europe is cracking down because money, money, the whole money thing exploded, because, its just chasing for the wrong thing and to realize that we should change for something else, something perhaps more silent, more simple, this is the message,’ said Sebastian Koch.

The film follows Varvakis’s life to the court of Catherine the Great – played by Deneuve – to his efforts as a sage old man aiding the revolutionary cause.

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  1. Rob says:

    IT would be interesting to watch this film. Not common to hear someone giving up their fortune for a country. Mostly they’ll take it and stash it abroad. Will this be an English movie and what is it’s name slated to be?

  2. It is called “God Loves Caviar”, directed by Y. Smaragdis. It is released on October and is in English.