Greek Diet featured at the U.S. Congress

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The health benefits of the Greek Mediterranean Diet took center stage at the U.S. Congress.

A packed Rayburn House Office Building Lobby of guests enjoyed an unprecedented opportunity to savor authentic Greek cuisine created by famous Greek and U.S. chefs.

Chef Argiro Barbarigou partnered with Chefs Club President George Mastrodimistris to design a custom menu reflective of the Greek Diet including: Red bell pepper spread with feta cheese and garlic, Zucchini pie with herbs, Beet rood salad with walnuts and Greek yogurt, Baked Fish with wild greens and vegetables, Slow-baked giant beans with kale, leeks and tomatoes, Baked stuffed mini bell peppers and tomatoes with pine nuts and raisins, Mastic, cinnamon-scented rice with pistachios and Orange pie with yogurt and olive oil.

All recipes used an abundance of greens, antioxidant-packed herbs, olive oil or legumes, based on the Ancient Greek diet.

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